Archeus Brand Relaunch

Archeus Skincare updated its product line and website, unveiling a refreshed brand and a range of new products.

Rococo Republic was brought on to optimise the copy on the Archeus website to be inviting for customers and to help generate sales.

Once the new website and product line was live, we needed to introduce it to Archeus’ existing and new customers.

The Campaign

We created an email marketing campaign that targeted Archeus’ existing customers and introduced new ones to its products.

The email campaign was three-pronged and targeted Lapsed Customers, Repeat Customers and Active Subscribers, each with a tailored message and objective:

Note: According to Mailchimp average open rates for e-commerce are 16.3% and click through rates are 2.32%. 

Active Subscribers

These are customers that actively click on and engage with Archeus’ emails. These customers needed to be introduced to the new Archeus website so we created a special discount code (15% off) and product pairs, known as Archeus Duos.

The Results

Open rate: 59.9%

Click through rate: 16.7%

Lapsed Customers

These are customers that hadn’t interacted with the Archeus newsletter and had stopped purchasing from the store. The objective with these customers was to warm them up to Archeus and move them onto Active Subscribers list for future advertising. We ran two acquisition campaigns on these customers offering a limited time 20% discount.

The Results

Open rate: 14.5%

Click through rate: 3.4%

Repeat Customers

This email set targeted people that had purchased from Archeus in the last seven days. This was an opportunity to create a repeat buy by building on newly established goodwill by offering companion products to recent purchases.

The Results

Open rate: 51%

Click through rate: 16.3%

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From the Client

“It was great working with Rococo Republic as they quickly ‘got’ where Archeus is at and then helped create a campaign that moved through the Archeus skincare offering and rebranding. The campaign highlighted aspects of products that would appeal to customers and feature aspects of our philosophy and the way we work to create natural and organic products.

To be honest, one of the things that worked the best about the campaign was the fact that I didn’t have to implement it. Archeus is a small business, a solo operation, but is at that point in growth where there is way too much work for one person but we’re not quite ready to employ others.

My time gets pulled in many directions, from making the actual product to sell, as well as marketing, admin etc. It was a real relief to know that the social media activity was being taken care of.

We had a 30% increase in sales on previous months.

I’m very happy with the results. It generated traffic and talk. I have had customers saying how they have loved seeing the new range. I also learned a lot as well.

I thoroughly recommend Rococo Republic.”

Georgina Langdale, Founder, Archeus.