#BestBeardWGTN Competition

Lambert’s Luscious needed to drum up brand awareness and get new and existing customers engaging with its brand, bring its social to media to life and show its customer base that it’s handmade, artisan products are all local.

The Campaign

Rococo Republic tapped into the hugely popular beard culture to create a four week campaign that spoke to directly to Lambert’s existing audience while generating leads and engagement from a previously untapped local audience.

The #BestBeardWGTN campaign ran across Facebook and Instagram to find Wellington’s Best Beard (judged by Kent Lambert, Lambert’s Luscious Founder) and Best Beard People’s Choice (voted on by the public).

To enter, people only needed to snap a photo of their beard and upload it to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag. Entry put them in the draw to win $85 worth of Lambert’s Luscious products and the crown of Best Beard Wellington.

Rococo Republic targeted Lambert’s existing audience and the bearded men of Wellington, by targeting them geographically and by interest on Facebook. For Instagram, we developed a set of hashtags that connected with people in beard culture.

Once voting was open for the People’s Choice award, entrants drummed up votes by sharing the official photo album with their friends and family on Facebook, growing the campaign’s reach and engagement.

To maximise opportunity for entry, Rococo Republic kept the collateral diverse – showcasing every type of beard from every type of New Zealander – and simple with a strong call to action.


#BestBeardWGTN drove huge engagement across the Lambert’s Luscious social media channels, resulting in more than 50 entries and 50,000 people reached on Facebook alone. The competition had people talking about the brand and its products for the full four weeks.

By the numbers

The campaign drew:

  • 54 Entries

Over the course the campaign we drove engagement with Lambert’s Luscious Facebook page:

  • 100 more likes
  • 48 total post shares
  • 50,000 New Zealanders reached via Facebook

From the client

“The campaign was consistent with our company’s branding and very interactive. It was fun and  playful, and generated a discussion about what makes a great beard while successfully aligning our company name with the concept of men’s grooming.

“Despite the campaign’s small budget we were able to generate new followers and successfully turn those followers into customers.”

Dee Beider, Office and Operations Manager, Lambert’s Luscious