Social Investments

At Rococo Republic, we want to see Kiwis thrive, so we’re committed to supporting the organisations that help them do that, by helping those organisations better tell their stories.

What’s Rococo Republic doing?

We’re donating our time to create and execute a four week campaign every quarter for an organisation that’s helping change the lives of Kiwis. These campaigns are 100% free for the organisations we’re helping and we’ll be leaving them with the tools to be able to do it all again themselves.

Which organisations are eligible?

There’s no one type of organisation and if we think a cause will benefit from our help, then we’re there. This could be a food rescue, a social enterprise, a charity or any other type of organisation so long we can see they’re making a real difference to other people’s lives.

Where do you come in?

We’re glad you asked! By working with us, you’re helping to keep the lights on so we can continue to invest our time in organisations that are changing lives. This doesn’t cost your business anything but it does make a statement: it tells the country that there’s more to your business than making money and that you, too, care about New Zealand’s present and future.

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